Kiln Site

So yesterday we met up and figured out the math for the Anagama kiln. We need around 1840 bricks, 1000 of which may already be secured.

We took a trip to the kiln site and I neglected to get any photos as I was too busy picking my jaw up off the ground the whole time. One of the main features is that there is a black marble quarry on the 60+ acres. There is also electricity, a barn, a 100 yard firing range, and it is gated. Here is my sole momento, a weather polished piece of black marble.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a large deposit of yellow clay onsite which is pretty much completely workable right out of the ground and fires to a terracotta color at cone 6. A fine looking yunomi was made to test. We will see eventually if it can be taken to cone 10.

Potters of Japan Documentary

I’m always interested in the older pottery videos of times gone by. My wife and I enjoyed watching The Potters of Japan the other night. Put together by Richard E. Peeler who was a pioneer in documenting these treasures. It features some the great pottery styles and regions of Japan like Bizen, Tamba, Haki & Mashiko that we saw during the visit to the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum at Piedmont College. The soundtrack is just classic!


Finally had some time and inspiration to get my hands into some clay. The Lake Lanier home processed clay feels awesome and is very groggy. When soaking wet it has some placticity to it but you can easily break it apart when working with it. There is so much iron that it stains your hands and makes a complete mess. I used gloves like I would when using iron oxide wash.  I first hand-shaped this chawan. Very bulky and heavy. It looked interesting enough and I paddled some texture into it.

I had a feeling about it though. I don’t know how the clay will fire, first off. So without knowing that I might as well go for broke. So I did some thinning of the bowl on the wheel and revealed the awesome texture just below the surface.

It looked so nice I had to use my new LED light panel to give it a good shot. It is still amazingly heavy for the size and shape. I can only hope that the bisque firing goes well and that cone 6 doesn’t turn it into a puddle.

I’ve made a few other things as well with my normal “Jackpot” clay body and they will go in with this to bisque.

Some newly designed miniature bonsai pots with matching drip trays.
A pinched lidded vessel
Of course my Mother’s first try with clay she made this beautiful piano. Its where I get my crafty from 🙂