Potters of Japan Documentary

I’m always interested in the older pottery videos of times gone by. My wife and I enjoyed watching The Potters of Japan the other night. Put together by Richard E. Peeler who was a pioneer in documenting these treasures. It features some the great pottery styles and regions of Japan like Bizen, Tamba, Haki & Mashiko that we saw during the visit to the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum at Piedmont College. The soundtrack is just classic!

The New Kiln

Got a new kiln today from Olympic Kilns. They are right up the road from me and gave me a fantastic deal on a factory second. Sarah is a great person to work with, she took lots of time to help me pick what was right for me and made sure that it would work with what I wanted to do.


Painting the kiln wash on the shelves in case there are any mistakes or drips onto the shelves.