On Ritual

A picture of the weekend office

And office attire is basically useless for keeping your clothes tidy, but I feel it is important for the routine and ritual of getting into the flow.

Hapkido had a huge part in teaching me how to push beyond my self imposed limits, how to dance (a little bit lol), and how to throw clay. It all started with the ritual of putting on a Dobok (our martial arts uniform) and tying the Dhee (belt). Once that belt is on you know it’s go time

It’s a bit different in ceramics. It’s laid back. It takes longer. The curriculum is not laid out for you. There are no preset goals to achieve. It’s harder in a way. This is confirmed by my friend Jay who has been doing it 7 days a week since 1999.

So, putting on the apron is a must for me. It is an impetus for creation.

Coming Along Nicely

Enso project coming along nicely!

Also I just found a neat little plugin called Orange Twig that lets me import my entire Etsy Store into my Facebook Page. Nice!

I’ve gotten a new tattoo based on the 3 Hapkido Principals

Yu – Won – Hwa or Water – Circle – Nonresistance

My explanation in a very very condensed form and are ever changing and take on new meaning in different situations and at different times in life.

Yu – Water or Flow – Flow like water. It can be soft or it can crash. It can find the lowest ground. It can conform to any container and take its shape. It can bore a hole into solid stone over time. Flowing movements.The indomitable spirit of the Hapkido practitioner!

Won – Circle – Using circular motion to overcome instead of using force against force. Do not counter a linear attack linearly. Counter it with circular motion. “Roll with it”. It can lead away from something and also to completion. The circle is a sacred sign that I talked about in a previous post.

Hwa – Nonresistance or Harmony – Represents the harmony between mind and body, the spirit and the physical self, It represents harmony in every aspect of your life. Nonresistance is a big part of attaining harmony. The huge oak tee will crack and fall down in a storm while the wispy tree next to it is flexible and offers no resistance to the wind.

These three principals exist and fit together in a way where they become greater than the sum of their parts. These principals are used time and time again and are an integral part of my pottery, my photography and my life. Now I have a visual reminder to delve even further into the symbolic depth of these symbols.