Eating an Elephant

Dust floating
in just the right light…

Carved some feet this weekend and swept up a little today. I’m making the same forms mostly but getting bolder about the carving and shaping. These things just take time. Everyone wants to know some big secret to success. The big secret is that there is no secret! It just takes time and effort and putting in the work. Its usually agreed that it takes around 10,000 hours to have a mastery in a given task. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!



Future Experiments

I found my first cone 6 recipe that I want to try – Falls Creek Shino!


My supplier Stone Mountain Clay sells dry chemicals I recently found out so I’m ready to go!

Test Tile Kiln Opening

Oh I love love love the surprises you get from opening the kiln after a long wait to come back down to temperature. I am certainly appreciative of the work that goes into commercial glazes but I already see that there are properties of each one that I want to enhance or reduce. That kind of thinking is going to get me into some rabbit holes I can already tell.



The black slip over the different clay bodies worked perfectly! It really gives that deep dark almost burnt in reduction look.


Here are a few examples of how it will look when using the glazes over the slip on the right hand side. I didnt have enough space to do a test with the double glazes over black raven body / raven slip but I’ll do that next time maybe if I feel like there is any potential for something radically different.


For now though I think I have enough data to pare down my choices and drill down deeper into fewer variables. I’d like to eventually get to one or two clay bodies that do exactly what I want them to do and maybe dabble in some porcelain as it has that certain allure for potters. Can you say: Cone 10 – wood fired? Wow!

The best of the home processed clay turned out with a little surprise at cone 6 – black specs, I guess iron or some other mineral. With maybe a very small percentage of plastic clay I think it would be very workable. I may try something small even without the mix to see how it performs.


As always. Kiln wash is a must unless you just love buying new shelves.