Shiho Kanzaki

I have just finished a fantastic autobiography of Shiho Kanzaki called – Voice of Fire, Voice of Earth. It’s only available in ebook format and the $3.00 I spent on it was well worth it. I love this man’s work and his philosophy on life. A true potter who understands that pottery is not just about pots, its about life. As you shape the pots and participate in the process, the process shapes you!


Very few of the older generation potters are computer savvy but Shiho Kanzaki is on Facebook as well!

Some of my favorite test tiles & a new book

One of my favorite books I’m currently reading is a sort of conversation between master potters Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Some of the anecdotes had me smiling or outright chuckling. IMG_3692

My Rootbeer glaze test. Needs further testing to see what it will actually do on a cone6 fired body and if it will even still contain the bubbles. IMG_3700

Raven slip on white clay body looks very dynamic and interesting.IMG_3701

Key Lime glaze on raven black clay body.IMG_3702

Azurite on raven black clay body.IMG_3703

Ginger Mist and Caramel Corn glaze on speckled clay body.IMG_3704

Azurite on red clay body.IMG_3705