Gas Firing Results

People are anxious to see results even though they are definitely nothing to write home about. There is definitely some promise with the Malloy Clear and the No Craze Clear recipes. Some of the pieces I sprinkled some Red Iron Ixide and / or Rutile, which you can see in some of the small bowls. My temmoku ended up being a nice celadon because I miscalcilulated the Iron amount 😄 Lol. Also you can see exactly what carbon coring looks like.

Carbon Coring


Two examples of the Chinese White Crackle glaze which did not mature.
Clear over porcelain with Rutule. Gives a nice orange gold.
Nice Leach 4-3-2-1 Celadon due to miscalculation of iron for Temmoku
Local clay slip declration under clear
I kept some of the items unglazed to see what iron and reduction would do. Not much action.

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