On Ritual

A picture of the weekend office

And office attire is basically useless for keeping your clothes tidy, but I feel it is important for the routine and ritual of getting into the flow.

Hapkido had a huge part in teaching me how to push beyond my self imposed limits, how to dance (a little bit lol), and how to throw clay. It all started with the ritual of putting on a Dobok (our martial arts uniform) and tying the Dhee (belt). Once that belt is on you know it’s go time

It’s a bit different in ceramics. It’s laid back. It takes longer. The curriculum is not laid out for you. There are no preset goals to achieve. It’s harder in a way. This is confirmed by my friend Jay who has been doing it 7 days a week since 1999.

So, putting on the apron is a must for me. It is an impetus for creation.

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