Cutting & Creating

I learned a new trick the other day. I’ve thought about using fishing line as a cheap solution to the braided cutting wires. The problem is that it’s not braided and does not cut cleanly enough. In comes Spiderwire – 50lbs. It’s braided and quite expensive at $14 but it should last 20 years with the amount I have.


Here is my short cutting wire made with some nubs of clay fired to cone 6. They have just enough to get a grip on and indented so that the wire fits in nicely.


I’ve been asked to create a large volume of vessels so as to help fill a kiln load. I’ve been working with Jay and we get to fire to cone 10 in reduction. This will be very nice as the clay body I’m using goes to cone 10 and comes out as a buff grey with tiny white speckles. Just beautiful.


I’ve gone from making 1 pot per session to 8 and I just need to get the muscle memory going and create a repertoire of 5 to 7 styles of my own design that I can perfect and build upon. It’s been a very successful month in learning with Jay. Next up is learning the ins and outs of creating the classic glazes!

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