On Inspiration

Inspiration is literally pouring out of everything that we can see, feel and sense. As long as we can get out of our own way, its there. You can spin around blindfolded and pluck it from the very air around you. Striking Therefore its important to let the muse come and greet her as if she was lifelong friend, entertain her and collaborate and then let her go as she pleases. She doesn’t stay forever and that is O.K. really. It’s all part of the creative process. If we can’t see the connections between things then that is of our own doing. EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING else. There is no doubt in my mind as of late. Everything in nature is connected. The symbol below, the eternal knot, is an auspicious symbol in Tibetan Buddhism and represents the interconnectedness of all things, and houses other symbolism as well.


The divine and the earthly are connected as well. I find it interesting and inspiring that the symbolism of the Torii gate represents the transition from the profane to the sacred. We each have our own gate to go through so that we can manifest and create without hindrance. Easier said than done, but practice helps I think. Happy creating everyone!


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