Experimenting with Rim Lighting

Overflowing with inspiration to do different things I decided to have an hour or so of camera time in the studio / kitchen with my new Studio Pro 600 LED Panel. I frickin love this thing!

Studio Pro 600 LED Light Panel

Rather than break out the Alien Bees 800 strobes that I usually shoot with I decided to give continuous lighting a try. I sold one of the two strobe units I had to a friend and picked up one of these off of Amazon Prime. This will give me the flexibility that I need to shoot video for clients as well as do studio work and portraits. The unit is lightweight and I can attach Sony V-Lock batteries (which are more than the unit itself though) for untethered outdoor shooting.

I’m practicing rim lighting tonight. I like each of these for different reasons. The first being probably the best in my opinion. I think I’m just going to dump the other flash and get two panels. I can use one for rim light, and the other for a main light and use modifiers for the rest. I know, I know. The Alien Bees are fantastic and I’ve gotten some great use out of them. I just “see” better with continuous lighting and am willing to deal with the tradeoffs. The good thing about studio photography is that the model never moves or gets tired. A perfect way to hone your lighting skills and then take those to something that breathes and moves and blinks and talks back 🙂

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