New Logo!

We had a new logo drawn up to fully envelop what I want to express with my creations. Years ago, I had a dream in which I wore a crown of fire. I can’t recall much of it, but it was very intense and it resonated deeply with me. Immediately after I woke up I proceeded to get red, orange, and yellow construction paper and made myself a crown which we might still have around the house somewhere. Yes, random.

All of this happened before I discovered the joy, experience and lessons of creating with clay. Once I realized, I took all the dishes out of the cupboards to examine them with new eyes.

“Before I sought enlightenment, the bowls were bowls and the cups were cups. While I sought enlightenment, the bowls were not bowls and the cups were not cups. After I reached satori, the bowls were bowls and the cups were cups.”

* I have not reached satori with my craft, maybe in 30 years or so 😉

The crown speaks for itself if you let it. The brushed lettering, although static in the logo, gives a sense of something that can only be created once. Each vessel that is created is slightly different no matter how perfect your form and measurements. The slight variations give the unique touch of the makers hands. For me, the interaction is important. Knowing it was made by hand by someone who cares deeply about their work gives it a certain special quality that I usually only find in hand made objects.

Ultimately it is an exploration in a medium that I find appealing. It’s simple and accessible by all yet few truly master it. There are limitations to the medium yet there are almost unlimited variables in the process. This leads to a freedom of expression that, when you get good at it, allows you to play, like a child again.


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