Sky Blue Celedon

I love this bowl. It was the first thing to come off the wheel after having it resurfaced so it went in payment for that. You can see the very thin edge on the bottom which collected a bit more glaze and gives a deeper blue ring around the bottom of the bowl. One of my best pieces and I know it went to a great home πŸ™‚


Also I have a logo in the works for the site and brand. Cart before the horse? I don’t think so πŸ˜€ I’ve gotten a lot of traction with this and am putting in the initial work now which is slow and tedious but essential to creating my own vision of what I want to express in my works. I’ve learned so much from the community at large. Everyone is wiling to share tips and pointers freely and in this day and age with technology and FB (call it evil if you must and it very well may be) I get to converse with people who I otherwise would never meet in my lifetime or even several lifetimes. They aren’t deep face to face connections like in real life but they at least have the opportunity to become that over time.

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