First sale and other goings on

Well there is some great news over the past few weeks. I’ve made my first sale on Etsy! Eight of my pots are now living in New Hampshire.

The buyer gave me my first review. 5 Stars!


There is not much up in the shop right now but I’ll be working on some good stuff as soon as I can.

I was also able to complete a beautiful sky blue celadon bowl in exchange for the work done on my wheelhead. Its the one in the front. You cant really see it in this picture but I created a small edge on the bottom to collect more glaze which adds a deeper blue accent. It was also the first thing to come off the wheel when it was finished so I think it was fitting that it go to Chris for his work.

Also I am about to send out 2 sake cups (guinomi) going to a friend in Wyoming.


Also finished up some video work for a client and have 2 more in the hopper. Altogether busy at the things I want to be doing 🙂

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