Double Faceted Vessels & Something I’ve been working on

While I’m impatiently waiting for my wheel to get back I’m hand building and was up at 3:30am with an idea. This circular “plate” will be glazed in Azurite which becomes a waterfall blue and brightens significantly on this red clay. It will be held by a stand with a slot big enough to accommodate the plate. I used a large plastic lid to cut the shape and this quickie tool I made from synthetic broom bristles to give random scoring to the clay. This will give it channels for the glaze to run down. I hope to have it finished in the next week to show the final product.

On another note, a local potter that I’ve been following for a while is Lori Buff, a full time potter in East Atlanta. Recently she posted a great article on creating double faceted mugs. The result is beautiful and simple.

I really want to try this technique. It reminded me of some of the faceted chawan that Phil Rogers creates.

There are unlimited techniques and variations in something as simple as a bowl. A vessel to hold something. Its symbolic at the deepest level. Every human on the planet uses this simple and basic invention that must have been inspired by the hand itself.

The cup that you drink your morning coffee from (of which I need a second cup right now), that you may or may not appreciate in the slightest. The crystal champagne glass from which you drink a toast to a new year and another gone. The juice box you send your kids off to school with. These vessels are so ubiquitous that we don’t even see them anymore.

I remember when I discovered ceramics almost exactly a year ago. I went through my cupboards, took everything out and examined each item. Each plate, each bowl, each cup, trying to see how they were made and why we have the ones that we compulsively reach for (my black cereal bowl missing its twin) and why we have some that just sit there. Why we have some mugs we drink from each morning and some gather dust.

It’s the same with anything really. When our eyes are opened to a new perspective, we run around like children, exploring each thing as if new. Excited to share until we realize that the journey is mostly a solitary one. But we still hope the excitement is contagious, just a little bit, at least enough to broaden the horizons of others by a touch and maybe when they reach for the mug in the cupboard they take that second look.

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