Kickwheel Repair Update

Well the Dodge McMillan Bearings are outrageously expensive. $60 complete with the housing and $50 for just the inserts. That’s across the net and even locally. A bit cheaper on ebay but still I cant justify the cost of that. Maybe if the bearings were made of some kind of magic meteorite where every pot you spin becomes a masterpiece or some other mystical mojo…

I found another bearings company that is in line with the price I need – $7.88 ––7-8-pillow-block-bearing-ucp205-14.html

The hand wheel I’m coordinating with CRM on should be coming along and I’m waiting on a 3D CAD drawing. I’m terribly excited about this.

In the meantime I’m pinching some small chalices. I have one that I want to give to some friends of mine that just recently got married. I have a good idea for simple and meaningful decoration on this.


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