Are you “centered”?

I was given a book from a writer / life coach friend of mine who knew that I was into clay. Not only is this book full of magic but the writing is so good that I need to read it a second and third time. Although the author was a Monk in a Benedictine monastery the depth of information here crosses religions. He gives his take on the spiritual in a world of physical things and how it inspires or detracts from his work. Simply a brilliant book on ceramics that I put up there with what I’ve read by Bernard Leach or the books on Shoji Hamada.

I find that I have to be centered to be able to create with clay. Not feeling motivated or centered lately due to a heavy workload but it teaches that we must keep our spiritual and mental house in order so that we may create from the very truth of who we are. Because if we create from outside ourselves it is merely an imitation no matter how beautiful or perfect the work is. This is just an obvious example that I took away from reading Brother Thomas Bezanson’s essays on spirituality, craft and beauty.

More information and a monograph on Brother Thomas’ work can be found here –

Click to access BrotherThomas_Catalog_2013_FINAL.pdf


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