Yunomi from Future Relics

Long ago in a land far away I had a box of ceramic fiber. I had planned on doing a Raku kiln and it was cheap enough to do but I was convinced by some good folks on the Ceramic Arts Forums to go electric first. I had no way to bisque my pots before firing them. I’m getting some great use out of the electric kiln.

Back to the story. Before we moved I decided that instead of keeping this huge box of fiber in the garage for who knows how long I would just sell it on craigslist so someone would get some use out of it. Lori Buff from Future Relics picked up the ceramic fiber and some high heat resistant wire to get her own Raku kiln going. I made a discount on the price in trade for something that she could make for me. She is a full time potter in Atlanta.

I like things like that; the interaction between people. This yunomi is now very meaningful and I have a connection with the person who made it. My display shelf is filling up quickly with cups and pots and this one will fit nicely with the others. The dragon and the yin-yang symbol are very fitting for me. We have been very into the Taoist philosophy as of late.

You can check out the build and the results of the first firing of the Raku kiln on Lori’s blog.


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