The move is going well

The move is going quite well over the past week and a half we got everything moved out of the old place. New place is set up at 80% maybe but thats to be expected. The old place has been painted and new carpet is going in today it looks like an entirely new house!

The water heater needs replacing and I need an electrician to come out and install the 240 volt outlet for the kiln before I can use that. No worries there though as there is plenty to do before a firing.


The kickwheel in its new home. Yes we need to make a trip to the dump 🙂 I love the setup with the bare lightbulb I think it helps to give very sharp contrast light to the pots and creates a different working experience during the night time hours. One other thing I want to set up is a mirror so I don’t have to constantly bend over to check the profile of the pot. I’ve heard it mentioned so many times by respected potters that it seems I shouldn’t NOT do it!


Also I have some Amaco Potters Choice glazes to test out. And have narrowed my Stone Mountain Clay glazes down to the ones that I prefer most to work with. The Ginger Mist on their Grey Speckled Stoneware gives this honey color that is just absolutely fantastic.

7a696402c19611e381360002c9559cd6_8 4f0e2afec19611e38d8f0002c99b99fc_8

My absolute favorite cup that I’ve ever created though is using the Leopard Agate on Schoolhouse Red. Just fantastic.


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