Some of my favorite test tiles & a new book

One of my favorite books I’m currently reading is a sort of conversation between master potters Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. Some of the anecdotes had me smiling or outright chuckling. IMG_3692

My Rootbeer glaze test. Needs further testing to see what it will actually do on a cone6 fired body and if it will even still contain the bubbles. IMG_3700

Raven slip on white clay body looks very dynamic and interesting.IMG_3701

Key Lime glaze on raven black clay body.IMG_3702

Azurite on raven black clay body.IMG_3703

Ginger Mist and Caramel Corn glaze on speckled clay body.IMG_3704

Azurite on red clay body.IMG_3705

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