Clay Moisture

I’ve been seeing videos where people are picking up the clay and moving it nearly effortlessly. It takes me a lot more effort to move the clay and to do my pulls. I’m sure it will get easier with more experience but to try something new I  wedged a bunch of 14 oz balls of clay and intentionally made it more moist than I normally throw. Well this works, in a way… it certainly makes the clay more pliable and easier to make the movements and gestures but I had the biggest problem getting it off the wheel head. I don’t use bats. I do it old school, just cut it off with a wire like the olden days! So I had the idea that a small propane torch would do the trick to dry the outside enough for me to get it off the wheel. It works great! I dont think that I am going to continue to throw with the clay moisture at this level though. It just doesnt seem to be worth it.



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